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Jean-Philippe Rennard January 2000

(Note à l'attention des lecteurs francophones : cette section est essentiellement destinée aux programmeurs, lesquels comme chacun sait sont - par force - obligatoirement anglophones. J'économise donc la version française et m'en excuse.)


Biomorph Viewer 1.1 code

Download the applet, sources and Javadoc files


Considering the quick development of Java language, I've decided to abandon my dear C++Builder  for a while to test that new language with my all new JBuilder3.

Learning Java is a real pleasure for a C++ programmer, the syntax is really closed to C and the language is far easier, even if it's difficult for us to program without any explicit pointer :)


The structure of BV code is a bit more complicated that necessary. That's because it implements parts of the global structure I usually use for my ALife programs.


UML like Class Diagram of Biomorph Viewer


Class Description
BiomFrame This class is only the browser interface for the main Frame.
CBiomApp That's the main application. It contains a BiomorphUniverse.
CBiomUniverse It defines the properties and methods of the Universe where Biomorphs live. Inherits from CUniverse
CUniverse This abstract class defines the general structure of a Universe containing Biots.
CBiomView Defines the View of a BiomUniverse. Inherits from the utility class JPView.
CBiomorph Here are defined these specific biots called Biomorph.
CBiots This abstract class defines the general strucure of any ALife entity.
CGenome A simple Vector to contain the genes of any Biots.


    I distribute this code to help any person interested in Alife programming and Java. But since it is my first Java applet, some parts of the code are there only because I wanted to test a function, some others are there because I didn't want to test a function ! So, please don't consider that code as a reference : = )

Comments are strongly recommended ! Thanks.

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