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Self-Organization in Social Insects


Ants Viewer 1.0

Since the Java Plugin is now outdated, you can :

  • Download the Linux binary (chmod +x and  ./
  • Download the Windows executable  antsEn.exe
  • Download the jar file antsEn.jar (java -jar AppName.jar)
Or use Java Web Start

Launch Ants Viewer


1. Selection of a world.
2. Set a nest.
3. Set a resource.
4. Population of the nest or richness of the resource.
5. World creation/Validation of the current world.
6. Size of the world.
7-10. Current species selection. In parameters modification working mode, validate the current parameters.
11.Species parameters modification working mode.
12. When Sun is enabled, the ants always know the position of the nest (thank to the sun for example). Otherwise, the ants follow the pheromones trails to get back home. This mode can be more efficient if the ant finds an obstacle.
13. Speed of the ants.
14. Endurance (number of foraging iterations before the ant gets back home if it doesn't find any resource).
15. Pheromones decay rate.
16. Ants eyesight.
17. Propensity to forage.
18. Propensity to get back home when the ant is tired or has found a resource.
19. Trail following propensity.
20. Quantity of pheromones droped when the ant has found a resource.
21. Frequency of random move.
22. About.
23. Run step by step.
24. Start/stop the algorithm.
25. Pheromones trail display.
26. Display the quantity of resources collected by each species.
27. Algorithm speed.

You can draw walls with the mouse. Warning, these ants are quite simples and are unable to follow a wall. They only know general directions. It is therefore very easy to block them.

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