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vaucanson's duck

Vaucanson's Duck

Vaucanson was a famous French automata builder. He was interested in what will be artificial life. He presented in 1738 the "Flute Player" a 1.50m automaton which really played flute. The Duck could move his wings, eat seeds and "digest" them.

Langton's loops

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Chris Langton's Loops

Langton's loops are essentially a Cellular Automaton. A loop has sheath and core cells. Core cells contain and carry the information necessary to the reproduction of a whole loop. After some generations, a form of coral emerges.

Lt. Commander Data

Lt Commander Data (Star-Trek)

Data is an android created by Dr. Noonian Soong at the Omicron theta colony. He is the most advanced alife object ever constructed (except R. Daneel Olivaw obviously). Its main default : doesn't know what a feeling is.


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